oil spill solutions

oil spill solutions

cylinder form

cylinder form
if the only option is to go above sea bed


lid solution

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Friday, June 25, 2010

Oil Spill Continues ???

Are you kidding me ?? What kind of new disgusting way of continuing something is this?? Vietnam!? Afghanistan!? now with Oil spills!!!

Here is a solution!! remove all the remainders of the underwater pipes and everything that is around the well. and reinstall a new underwater either Pump or Plug!!! this should cost at max a few millions to recreate the plug!! and close it once and for all!!

Do not mess with Nature!! if you are doing this purposely for money, to close down oil drilling, to get rid of underwater rigs! to beat down competitions, to do anything that is not done in a straight manner!!! Do not!!

The damages are irreversible for over 100 years!! it takes 100's of years to get rid of a barrel of oil naturally... imagine all of this oil!!

This is a letter to the highest of authorities, the president included of the US, as this is not only BP's responsibility but a national responsibility that the State must make sure that it's soil and waters remain in good condition for the generations to come! it is a must for the US to invest in this more than it's own investors. This is more important than the Banks going bankrupt! as a matter of fact! Banks going bankrupt will create a national deficit! This is a national disaster! I'm assuming this is worst! If this were to be happening all over the globe... it'd be a global disaster!!!

And so again to emphasize on this issue... 2 easy solutions!! remove the existing underwater excavations and replace, with different pump, or plug!! send me the information I'll give you a solution if you can't find any!! but I'm sure you have more than competent engineers to figure out something other than old tires and golf balls!! just get the engineers that didn't purchase their degree, and had to actually study for it!!!

This whole issue should be resolved within the next week if you do not want any bigger natural disasters!!! I'm sure this amount of oil spilling will affect a much wider area of sea life! as well as underground earth movements, as well as nation wide domino effect!! >>> causing global disasters!!!



Wednesday, April 21, 2010

message from a shut door!

solution to the oil leak in the golf of mexico-- you need to measure the pressure of the oil pumping out of the ground-- the pressure needs to be measured in "tonnes" basically to figure out a mobile machine that will be able to go right above it-- next

construct a mobile submarine truck if you want to call it-- that is operated remotely--

next measurement needs to be the width of the well-- the plug needs to be a screw on plug that needs to screw around the hole depending on the weight of the pressure 1 ft per every 400 lbs of pressure

-- weight of the plate 2 tonne --
-- diameter of the plate plus 4 feet larger than the well diameter.--
-- the height of the of the drill cylinder 15 feet - 20 feet--

400x15= 6000lbs or 6 tonnes of pressure holder plus 2 tonnes of weight = 8 tonnes plus the weight of the weight of the cylinder 1 tonne-- 9 tonnes of pressure set back

recalculate the exact measurements-- these are only to give out an idea or an example

-- the material to be used needs to be solid steel mixed with titanium and cement could be used for the boats

with these measurements it should be enough to hold the pressure spewing out a more descriptive sketch is on this page for more info--- please forward to the available engineers for analyzing.

Friday, January 22, 2010

maybe in a few years the story would be ready

the story is ready today I am going to make a poll today...

I need everyone to decide what people think about the way the justice system is going at this rate, it is not equal anymore, it is unbalanced! a woman commits a crime towards her children the crime was child pornography towards her 3 years old son... the same crime committed by a man towards a 4 years old girl got sentenced to 7 years in jail... the woman got sentenced to 18 month to jail... what kind of message is this where is the equality?

An abused man in a relationship is looked down on... he's not man enough to up and leave... or to protect himself... men get conned into jackpot marriages, manipulated into caring for less fortunate women, and then thrown out like garbage! where is the fairness! where is the justice? where is the equality? what happened to humanity ???
how did we get here ????

People say life isn't fair!! some people say you have money, you have power! money talks bullshit walks! I stopped watching the news a long time ago, for the simple fact that there is nothing good that ever comes out of it! it's all bad news all over the place... nothing you could turn to that brings you some good news... it's always bad news... somehow someway the good news is always shoved 6 feet under and never heard of!

well... please allow me to be the bearer of good news! This is my goal in life... to bear good news to everyone! to say that there is a solution, a proper solution to everything! to everyone! to a lot of people for if you want justice you will find it, it may not be by force, and hopefully it's not, for god takes pride in giving the justice himself. We as humans, live a life that is full of mistakes, deceit, treachery. it needs to stop... and I have the solutions...

leave me a post... a question... or whatever is on your mind... if u don't want to put it publicly right away. send me an email to allforequality@live.ca

thank you
and have a wonderful day!